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Family friendly rooms in the New Forest

We are delighted to offer our very own version of family friendly at the Cottage Lodge Hotel in the new forest. In our book children are children until they are 18.


Private tucked away family room for a family of up to four

Gillies Holt

Gillies Holt family friendly room, capable of taking two mattresses on the floor

Gillies Holt, can take two children on 2ft 6inch mattresses on the floor.


You can book 2 x 2ft 6 inch wide mattress on the floor in our family friendly Gillies Holt until they are 18 for £15 per night per child inclusive of breakfast. This room will also take a cot instead of one mattress. We need you to use your common sense. If your child is the size of a large adult, then they might need a proper bed in a room of their own. But, if they can still sleep comfortably on a 2ft 6 wide bed then they are children until their 18th birthday.


This room is particularly good for families because it is tucked away at the rear of the building with its own private stairs and access to a tiny garden. You don’t have to worry about anyone else around you as you are on the first floor of a barn.


Family room for a family of three or four in the main hotel

Let’s be honest, most children have no problem with coping with a hotel room in the main hotel. However, my children would  have got very excited and start jumping off the bed at 6am in the morning when they were little. If your children are the same as mine then please think about staying in the Gillies Holt, and not in the main hotel.


William 1st

family friendly room at the Cottage Lodge new forest hotel. two mattresses on the floor

William 1st, can take two children each on a 3ft mattress on the floor.


If your children are fine with a hotel room and understand about respecting the quiet of others around them then the William 1st can be a family friendly room and can take two mattresses (3ft wide) on the floor at £15 per mattress per child per night inclusive of breakfast. Or a cot at £5.00.  Can’t take three children but can take two comfortably.


James Hill

James Hill family friendly four poster bedded room

This room can take two children but you will need to supervise them closely if you open the doors to the Romeo and Juliette balcony.


The James Hill can also be a family friendly room. It is on the first floor and has a Romeo and Juliette balcony. So you need to take extra care with your children. If you open the balcony doors you must supervise your children at all times. This room can take two mattresses or a mattress and cot.



Family friendly room, Exbury. Take care on the balcony

The Exbury room is not suitable for small children. As you can stand out on the balcony. If you allow your child onto the balcony you must supervise them at all times


The Exbury Room can take a proper 3ft bed, but this costs a little more (£25 per night) and we can only take one child. You must be careful in the Exbury because there is a balcony that you can go out onto. If you bring a child into this room they must be supervised at all times on the balcony.


Family rooms for three, four, five or more with or without dog

At this point we are talking about two rooms. We ask you not to leave children on their own in a room without discussing it with us. There are two reasons for this: the safety and security issues surrounding your child and the comfort of other guests in the room next door.


Tom Hayter

Dog friendly and family friendly room at Cottage Lodge Hotel in Brockenhurst

The Tom Hayter is a ground floor dog friendly room with a patio garden.


For a family of four with a dog we would suggest that you have the Morant (twin dog friendly room for two people) and the Tom Hayter (dog friendly double room next door). This combination works well because the rooms are next door to each other and share a garden.



Dog friendly hotel room at Cottage Lodge Hotel in New Forest

The Morant can either be a twin room or a double. Dog friendly with patio garden. Next to Tom Hayter.


For a family of five or six with a dog we would suggest the Gillies Holt (can take up to four) and the Morant (twin).


For a family of three with a dog we would suggest the Standing Hat (four poster) with a bed (£25).


Any questions please ring us and we will be happy to help you 01590 622296.




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