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New Forest Bike Hire at the Cottage Lodge

Cottage Lodge is delighted to offer customers adult bikes and tandems to explore the 94,000 acre New Forest national park along 192km of wide logging trails.



You can hire bikes from Cottage Lodge for £15 per day (£5 per hour) or tandems for £24 per day (£8 per hour). It is essential that you phone and book the bikes as we don’t want to cause you any disappointment. It is easy to book. Just ring 01590 622296 and let us know if you are over (or under) 5ft 6inches.


Below are some suggested routes you might like to consider:


1. Bike To Beaulieu – 12.7 miles

This route takes you through woodland to Hatchet Pond and back on open heathland with views of the Isle of Wight. As an extension, Beaulieu or Buckler’s Hard can be reached by following quite lanes from East Boldre.

(Short/long version available).

Gravel Track – 80% Pubs – 3


2. Bite of Wight – 11 miles

Catch the train to Lymington and the ferry to Yarmouth and explore the Isle of Wight. This varied circular route reaches Freshwater via a disused railway and takes in magnificent views from the top of the Downs before returning on quite lanes. You can cycle from Brockenhurst or catch a train directly to Lymington Ferry Terminal.

(Short/long version available).

Off-Road – 70% Pubs – 8


3. Northern Link – 19.2 miles

The full route takes you through the Ornamental Arboretums and two deer sanctuaries before reaching the north of the Forest. An alternative extension takes you on to Lyndhurst or you can simply return to Brockenhurst via the Ornamental Drives.

(Short/long version available).

Gravel Track – 60% Pubs – 2 (if extended)


4. Burley On Your Backside – 21.2 miles

Even more self explanatory in its name than Bike to Beaulieu! This route takes you westwards along an old railway line and passes through Burley before returning to Brockenhurst via forest track.

Gravel Track – 70% Pubs – 2


5. Lotta Lyndhurst Loop – 12.3 miles

A loop through the forest which leaves Brockenhurst in a NW direction, passes through the outskirts of Lyndhurst (short stretch of main road!) and returns from the East.

Gravel Track – 80% Pubs – 2


6. Lymington Link – 25 miles

This route is the exception in that it mainly uses quiet road rather than forest track. It has been included in this pack as Lymington contributes much to the area as the major harbour in the New Forest district. The route itself incorporates much of the “Solent Way”.


7. Back Through Balmer Lawn – 11.5 miles

This route incorporates a woodland circuit to the North East of Brockenhurst and allows for a pub stop if you require refreshment.

(Short/long version available).

Gravel Track – 90% Pubs – 1


Sway Road, Brockenhurst, Hampshire SO42 7SH


Phone: 01590 622296


E-mail : enquiries@cottagelodge.co.uk